Business Rules

ESDS is created for ensuring access to any e-document created by the financial sector, if:

  • The law in force envisages entry into the deal (transaction) by means of electronic document;
  • The created electronic document is signed by the financial institution;
  • Signature on the electronic document is performed in accordance with the Security Policy of the Electronic Signature, approved by the National Bank of Georgia; or
  • Electronic signature on the electronic document is performed by the electronic ID of a citizen of Georgia.

An authorized person may receive the document. Such an authorized person may be:

  • A person who performed electronic signature (counter-agent) on an electronic document concluded with the financial institution, the ESDS member;
  • A person whom the signatory authorizes to access the document with his/her e-signature (third party)

In order to receive the electronic document, the ESDS member financial institution provides an authorized person with the e-document ID and a password. The password is valid for five calendar days. The five days terms shall be counted from the following to password generation day.

After expiration of the password validity, the document signatory (counter-agent) shall contact the financial institution in question, issuer of the e-document for purposes of receiving the electronic document thereto.

An electronic document ID and a password shall be transferred by the signatory to a third person for purposes of receiving access to the document with electronic signature via acceptable for them communication means.