ESDS provides for access to electronic documents developed by the financial sector and signed by the “Advanced Electronic Signature” in accordance with the Policy of the National Bank of Georgia “On Security of Use of Electronic Signatures”.

This type of e-document may be any document prepared in accordance with operations performed by financial institution unless the law in force requires a hard copy of the document.

The list of e-documents of the specific financial institution available on ESDS shall be determined based on assessment of risks of financial institutions.

  • Warning:
  • Electronic document represents the original document. Its hard copy is not an original document. The hard copy of the document may be the copy of the electronic one certified by personal (wet) signature on paper. The hard copy of the electronic document does not contain personal identification data and not provide for signature examination possibility.
  • Electronic document received via ESDS contains your personal data; namely, biometric data. Such data is used for identification of the signatory if the signature is considered as suspicious or questionable. In order to provide a link between the personal data and the document, encryption is used as well as internationally recognized standards.