What is ESDS?

For the purpose of facilitating development of e-business in the financial sector of Georgia, the National Bank of Georgia creates the system of e-documents flow, which is represented by the ESDS portal. ESDS is a technical tool to ensure standardization of e-documents of the financial sector so that safety and security of access to the document is guaranteed.


As a regulator and initiator of the portal, the National Bank of Georgia determined the ESDS model, security level, principles of access for ESDS participating parties, legal and technical model of the document, which can be received through the portal as well as the type of signature on an electronic document and its safety level. In addition, in the limits of responsibility for the sector stability it shall conduct monitoring to ensure proper and smooth functioning of the ESDS.


The ESDS is a web-system, which provides online secure access to e-documents created by the financial sector where the document is provided directly and safely to the “authorized by the signatory person”.


Key function of the E-signed Docflow System (ESDS) is receiving an e-document directly from sender, without any interference of a thirdparty.


Besides, the ESDS allows for access only to electronic documents, which are signed in accordance with the technical model and security level determined and approved by the National Bank of Georgia.


ESDS provides for possibility of receiving separate documents by the signatory or a third partynominated by the signatory. Along with the signatory, such an individual is considered as “an authorized person to receive the document”.